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“It’s an attempt to take the environmental perspective and environmental foundations of humanity in a key role to place the environment in a central role and we are thinking about the world and humanity’s place in the world. So you are a dweller of this sacred place called the earth, this is part of the meaning of humanity and humans existence, to recognize our foundation in the earth play a careful role in the continuing evolution of nature.
Technology is taking over human society, it’s a threat to human existence and the only viable option is to end the technological system. Technology seems to be accelerating its presence, it’s rapidly expanding into many aspects of human society, to the extent that we cannot really control the future development of the system. As it becomes more powerful the potential for disaster also increases exponentially. So whether its ecological disaster, self replicating nano-robots… There are many possible scenarios which are completely catastrophic to human future. And if that’s the case the only rational alternative is to end the system now while we still have some possibility of action against it. Technological system is a kind of mortal threat, only the most radical action against the system can protect us from the worst possible outcomes”.

Words and song title
Courtesy of Prof. David Skrbina
Dept. of Philosophy
University of Michigan-Dearborn


from Subjugate, released September 22, 2017


all rights reserved



Implore Linz, Austria

Southern Germany


Century Media Records / Pelagic Records


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