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by Implore

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Century Media/Pelagic Records
    14 songs, 33 minutes
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Morning light A hand was raised To worship in grace The beginning of life Agrarian curse Settling basis Of forthcoming Damned times Hunters-gatherers Always submitted Emancipated in What was paradise. Learning to domesticate We learned to dominate The path of survival So vital and clear From egalitarian To property and greed How did irrigation Lead to mass warfare? Control and subjugation Population growth, Work and oppression And vertical society foundations Bestowed Shamans And so bowed the chiefs Kissed the martyr Glorified the kings Once we were One with the earth Instinctual freedom renunciation For the sake of civilization.
Loathe 00:50
Woken up in silence and disbelief In a chamber of void Senseless, worthless, Senseless, pointless… Will I ever emerge from this pressure That fills my needs? When my sternum lingers unaware Of the lack of breath. Beams of light filter and blind While the shrill sound rapes my ears. Anxiety triggers the worst of me Surrounded by material excess And mundane hypocrites To fulfill synthetic wishes And embrace mediocre times I find myself in a relentless One-way path. By irksome obligations My soul is crushed.
What’s the porpuse of it all And where does it come from Particles in the air Moving without pattern There’s need to put Order in chaos Aware of Inevitable death We are anti-matter And existential dread The best for us/would’ve been If we were not born at all We are unworthy Of the gift of life We made hell Out of paradise Despise and reject Humanity in this form Causing only Contempt and scorn Aware of Inevitable death We are anti-matter And existential dread There are no answers For questions There is no understanding For cosmic measures As you were The human animal There was no goal in life As you evolved from the son of man You need meaning A reason to be alive Keep seeking for the answers Or believing the lies.
Paradox 02:06
Follow the guidelines Of a dictated speech Repeating without judgment Is what they want to hear Retaliate this paradox This misconception Is rooted in guilt From the shadows You’ll carry for centuries While you address Your insecurities To the others around you Just to be set free To be set free Derogatory interpretation Of everything that’s said Obsessive, compulsive Defeated dependents Lone Wolf Designed to belittle you And destroy your pride Sever your independence And replace it with drugs Retaliate this paradox Regressive paradox.
Exercising no self-restraint And concern for consequences, This is the underlying root Of all existence and its complications The naïve malice Mankind portrays over its habitat Accelerates the exhaustion Of basic resources Warning signs were given long ago But this generation of idiots Multiplied and gained form Summarizing this behavior The compelling statement is Humans are the infection No rational thought left To minimize the impact With the sole attitude of selfish Center of the universe Invasive maggot Corrupting all surroundings Imposing thoughts Violating I was forced into self-hatred I discovered our real face Joy can’t exist without pain Love can’t exist without hate If the course of things can’t change I won’t be the first one to say We left behind a putrid place We rotted the world and We have to be erased.
Totalitarian 02:12
Vicissitudes of fate Complaints were never heard Convictions with no reward Sentinels of lies Coercing conformity with Surveillance and censorship Their hegemonic powers Canonize what’s left of us From behind the gated walls They punish with no remorse Gloating without shame On the face of the innocents Prisoner in a hometown Where we dwell, the basic rights Forbidden to the masses While we await resigned This plutocracy of tyrants Has been long enough Switching names through the ages But it’s always the same goal How to keep 7 billion… The same purpose as before Terror by all means Terror for control In lieu of learning from the past Other techniques arise An illusion of evolving In this regime we now love We are given the chance To choose between two sides Call it as you want It’s the same frustration You simple man who Wants to live in peace Accept that you are a slave Accept your destiny.
Repeat after me You will be shaped Like we want you to be We will take now Your tender mind While you are innocent And easy to adapt To create a legion Of servants And designate a task We carve your brain To accept and obey We decide your values And imposed texts Standards of introduction To your days in life Don’t revolt Don’t question Don’t ask Once again From A to Z Crucify yourself To times of grief Now assimilate and understand What’s about to start These are the last days For the rest of your life. Don’t revolt Don’t question Don’t ask Designate a task Repetitive and stupefied Exercises you won’t retain And you will never apply.
Ecocide 02:59
“It’s an attempt to take the environmental perspective and environmental foundations of humanity in a key role to place the environment in a central role and we are thinking about the world and humanity’s place in the world. So you are a dweller of this sacred place called the earth, this is part of the meaning of humanity and humans existence, to recognize our foundation in the earth play a careful role in the continuing evolution of nature. Technology is taking over human society, it’s a threat to human existence and the only viable option is to end the technological system. Technology seems to be accelerating its presence, it’s rapidly expanding into many aspects of human society, to the extent that we cannot really control the future development of the system. As it becomes more powerful the potential for disaster also increases exponentially. So whether its ecological disaster, self replicating nano-robots… There are many possible scenarios which are completely catastrophic to human future. And if that’s the case the only rational alternative is to end the system now while we still have some possibility of action against it. Technological system is a kind of mortal threat, only the most radical action against the system can protect us from the worst possible outcomes”. Words and song title Courtesy of Prof. David Skrbina Dept. of Philosophy University of Michigan-Dearborn USA
Uncontrollable and delusional drive, I Never thought it would affect me Among the landscapes I’ve seen But for instance, these walls… Obliterate what’s left of me May this solitude Be my epitaph Eroding me Rather than liberating us Man’s downfall resides on every thought of Anguished imprisonment and Neglected dependence In (a) strive to breakthrough Fighting the agenda Every reckless action points that… Success is a failure This ornamental decay as Obedient servants of law Advent of device Gadgets monopolize Blessed thy be Beseeched upon thee Contemplations of reality in Megalopolis of vast consumption Darkened windows of affliction And few interactions Seems impossible to find the adjustment With the environment Without its desecration Behold the remains of This sanctuary of indoctrination.
Cult of El 02:21
Gazing at the stars Admiring their heavenly glow Attributing their powers To communicate with the Gods Creation for deception Celestial body less exposed To the sun divine light. Oh Saturn keeper of time Devour your child El, hexagon Three dimensional cube The greater malefic Enthroned in capricorn Grant the dominance To the highest, Praise the demiurge For prolific harvest Ineloquent plebeians Marching into the unknown Archetype of salvation Of cloned symbolism Indomitable courage Against impossible odds Struggling blindly To the imminent fall Seal of salt, omen Of energy that flows Blatant worship. Disciplines and limitations Imposed to restrict The stance of things Gnostic pleroma Of the conspiratory.
The sequels of the fall Left irreparable injuries This is not a conclusion But what I have perceived Hope has never appeared Yet grey covers What’s left in here While weeds grow from the concrete Apathy is resignation Of those who don’t want to be Desolated winds blow From the distance of the sea Massive disjunction Of colossal force Met against two brothers Fighting for the soil Conceived to represent thoughts Erected for the victory A reminder Of ephemerality Both ceased to exist, Trapped in anachronism And memories Empires shatter, Characters are gone Empires crumble, But scars last forever. Leaving behind A host of traces Decaying And rusting away.
Boundary 00:58
Human forms in the distance Pathless on the empty road Roaming where there’s no light Avoiding all law Fences built up high Stopping the dreams of those Who fought against all systems To find the comfort Utopian picture awaits, Where it stands the North. Silence wraps the tension That infects the air with the cold Nylon houses in transit Shelters thousands of dogs, Sons of perpetuation Daughters of oblivion, Forsaken ghosts.
The pestilent legacy Upon we wash our hands Condemns the progress As the progression goes With solid steps onward Rulers of the earth Species by thousands On our backs leaving no trace On the verge of primitive The littering ape Embodies definition of disgust People keep reproducing Feeding their own lust More mouths are open More cheap-labor hands Industrialism cannot exist Without these two basic plots The net of linked vultures Flying up high Sentence an effect Unilateral Hidden from the sight This cannot be reformed Because there’s nothing Greater than the expansion Ouroboric cycle, Pile up those dead and gone Replace them For the new generation This tragic disposition Evoke us to a grim epithet No time left To solve mistakes On the verge of primitive The littering ape Embodies definition of disgust The net of linked vultures Flying up high Sentence an effect Unilateral We dug our grave No time left to analyze Prophecies were written And we ignored all words.
Create a new beginning When it means the end for us. The cycle starts once again Days of abundance They are forever gone Hence starvation and atonement Letting it all go Reform and regenerate We shall go back To what we once were Return what has been taken… Cast the last stone and Silence all anthems War chant turned into Total stillness As above so below Simplifying all Against this sickness Cast the last stone and Silence all anthems War chant turned into Total stillness Indulgent we have been Therefore we shall dismantle Modern society or Succumb to the machine Thou shalt not return All the harm is done Walk upon the land Meaningless in space and time Deconstruct the pillars To pass the next phase Regain the balance Destroyed after thousands years Let us be dust and wind.


Century Media Records
Pelagic Records


released September 22, 2017

Subjugate was written and pre-produced during Feb. and Mar. 2017 by Implore, Markus Matzinger @ Doom Studio. Linz, AT.
Drums recorded by Fabio Intraina @ Trai Studio. Inzago, IT.
Guitars, bass & vocals recorded by Jan Oberg & Markus Matzinger @ Hidden Planet Studio, Berlin, DE.
Mixed by Jan Oberg @ Hidden Planet Studio. Berlin, DE.
Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege. Portland, OR. USA.
Produced by Markus Matzinger, Implore & Jan Oberg
All music written by Implore
All lyrics written by Gabriel Dubko
Guest vocals on track 9 by Greg Mackintosh (Vallenfyre)
All backing vocals by Markus Matzinger
Lyrics revised and arranged by John Morton
Artwork by Brian D’Agosta @ Gostworks Art. Denver. CO. USA
Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

Gabriel Dubko – Bass & Vocals
Eduard Petrolillo – Guitars
Guido Montanarini – Drums
(Markus Matzinger - Guitars & Vocals)


all rights reserved



Implore Germany


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